Friday, December 14, 2007

Hannah Montana Ticket Survival Guide

At this point, I'm sure everyone is familiar with the rollercoaster ride parents around the nation have endured while trying to purchase Hannah Montana concert tickets. I recently found an article online that may ease the pain for some parents! Check it out below!


Ticket Company Helps Desperate Parents of Hannah Montana Fans with Survival Guide has just posted a survival guide of sorts for parents that are soon to attend, or are looking to get tickets for, one of the Hannah Montana concerts that caught everyone by surprise this year. The guide gives parents tips on when to show up, what to bring and more importantly, what to expect once they are there. The guide also talks about the parents only tent area (sponsored by OfficeMax) that is set up so that parents who are either not attending the show or need a break from the tween overload, can sit down and browse the internet, read the paper or have a cup of coffee.

The Hannah Montana concert series has been a magnet for controversy over the past few months with parents showing outrage over the price of tickets on the secondary market. Kids everywhere have to have tickets to the show and parents everywhere are doing their best to make it happen, even though they were shocked to find that a single ticket would cost them several hundred dollars. Not even The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen who is also currently on tour, can rack up the kind of demand that fourteen year old Miley Cyrus has; and with her recent announcement of fourteen more shows this January, the hysteria looks to keep on building.

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