Tuesday, October 23, 2007

*Concerts Beginning Week of 10/15/07*

October is jam-packed with the start of many artists' tours! Make sure to check back daily to see who is coming to a town near you!!!

*Week of October 15, 2007*

Hannah Montana Tour

Having a difficult time finding the best seats in the house for a Hannah Montana concert? Just because Hannah Montana tickets sold out faster than you can say "Sweet Niblits," doesn't mean you can't go to a concert! Get the "Best of Both Worlds" when you purchase your Hannah Montana concert tickets today. Check my Friday, August 10 post for Hannah Montana's tour schedule! Then get your Hannah Montana concert tickets today!

HannahMontanaConcertTickets.net is a reputable site packed with Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus information, tour dates, tickets, merchandise and more! Check it out!

*Bruce Springsteen is currently sweeping the nation with his Boss like nature! Make sure to get your Bruce Springsteen concert tickets today!

Tour Dates:
October 2007 - December 7, 2007
Get your Bruce Springsteen tickets NOW!

*Tori Amos started her "Original Sinsuality" tour already and plans to tour the nation promoting songs from her new album "The Beekeeper." Get your Tori Amos concert tickets today!

Tour Dates:
October 2007 - December 16, 2007
Get Tori Amos tickets before it's too late!

*Smashing Pumpkins are now on tour singing their hit songs such as "Tonight, Tonight" and "Bullet With Butterfly Wings." For an excellent concert experience make sure to get your Smashing Pumpkins concert tickets today!

Tour Dates:
October 2007 - November 9, 2007
Smashing Pumpkins tickets available now!

*Bob Dylan is still touring the nation until October 29, 2007! Before the month is over, make sure you get to see the sensational Bob Dylan LIVE and in concert! Get your Bob Dylan tickets today!

*Kelly Clarkson is finally back on tour promoting her newest album "My December." Can't get enough of the American Idol Queen? Then get your Kelly Clarkson concert tickets today and be one of the first to see her LIVE!

Tour Dates:
October 2007 - December 3, 2007
Kelly Clarkson tickets are available now!

*BB King is moving along with his blues music this upcoming winter and spring seasons! Jump on board as he sings old favorites like "I Like to Live the Love" and "To Know You is to Love You." Purchase your BB King concert tickets today!

Tour Dates:
November 12, 2007 - March 12, 2008
BB King tickets on sale now!

*Andre Rieu, the "Waltz King" is back! Listen to his Dutch classical selections as Rieu tours the west coast as well as in Canada! Don't miss out on getting your Andre Rieu concert tickets now!

Tour Dates:
December 1, 2007 - December 15, 2007
Andre Rieu tickets can be yours today!

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