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Listen to Britney Spears "Blackout" Album!

MTV recently debuted Britney Spears' new album, Blackout, on The Leak! For those that haven't already gotten a taste of the new music from leaked selections online, the 12-track CD features new sounds by Spears as she she tries to regain control of of her thrown as Pop Princess.

Britney may be best known for spotlight in the media's criticial eye rather than being a hit-producing music artist these past three years, but her ability to capture her fan's attention and hold it is something remarkable in this hot industry. Despite her pitiful peformance of her first single "Gimme More" at MTV's VMAs, Britney's potential comeback is sure to either be a success or a complete failure. Have a listen for yourself and tell us what you think. Is this the beginning of another Britney Spears run or the end of a successful pop era featuring the Princess herself?
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Here's my review on each of the songs!

1) Gimme More

When I first heard this single, I wasn't impressed at all. It seemed more like the bubble-gum material first heard on her debut album, .
..Baby One More Time, than a single guaranteed to bring her status back to number one. On the other hand, I give credit where it's due, and after a few more listens, I quickly picked up on the infectious beat and catchy lyrics. After the 20th "gimme" was on the verge of morphing me back into an annoying 7-year-old at Halloween time, I realized the song could possibly survive in a club-like environment filled with inebriated dancers and partygoers. And surprisingly, I was right, as I find myself catching the song numerous times in bars and on the radio. Has it brought Britney back up to her Pop Princess rank? I'm not sure if this single song has, but with 11 other tracks backing her up, the world has yet to see.

2) Piece of Me

If you were like me, I thought roosters were crowing in the background during my first listen. For someone who is attempting to put her feelings of the past three years into a song that represents who she really is, this was not the way to go. Her monotone voice was boring and nothing to brag about to friends and at times even sounded like her voice was computer digitalized. If you're slightly into rap, you may like the little singing that is actually present in the song, but otherwise it's a big disappointment.

3) Radar

To me, the entire song sounds like something you'd find on a video game, but it holds a beat good enough to keep the listener present. The refrain and chorus are the same as in any typical song, but can at times can become a bit repititious sounding after nearly 4 minutes of the same thing. This song is an excellent one to pop into the car CD player when on a long trip, but not one you'd find yourself singing at an American Idol audition with continual chorus lines of "I'm a radar. Radar. Radar." I'm sure it will be a hit, as it already is on some radio stations, but it may just be a flash in the pan. You tell me.

4) Break The Ice

A bit preachy in the beginning, this track turns into a relatively decent song. The melody is catchy, but the lyrics are too close to 'Hot As Ice' and the huffing in the background is too much like 'Perfect Lover.' Unfortunately, this song ends up getting lost in the crowd to other superior songs on the CD that display their uniqueness in other ways. Since I can't remember what it sounds like after an hour, we do not a winner here.

5) Heaven On Earth

This song sounds like a combination of '80s dance material combined with a little bit of the '90s techno style. It's got a significantly different melody than most of the other songs on the album, but it doesn't have the variety that is needed to maintain even the most die-hard fan's attention. The whispering and the sexy vocals do nothing to attract my attention, but may attract yours. It seems more like a song that will have to grow on me, but otherwise it's something skip-worthy on my iPod.

6) Get Naked

Probably my second favorite track on the CD, this song starts off with a creepy male singer crooning in the background (haunted house, anyone??) and continues to be present throughout the entire 4 minutes. The deep beats complement the sultry singing that leads up to the chorus lines. The only downside to the song are the chorus words which, similar to other songs are repetitious ("Get Naked, Get Naked, Naked, Take It Off, Take It Off...."). It screams boring, but at least the background melody ties in nicely. I would love to dance to this song the next time I'm out for a night on the town and feeling a little frisky....

7) Freakshow

WARNING! Very weird beginning! Britney's back to her rapping/singing style, but at least this one nearly works! Downside? The lyrics are lame as hell! When you have other hit dance selections such as "Gimme More" and "Get Naked," it's hard to even compare this song! This song is a definite flash in the pan! Next!

8) Toy Soldier

Bad-ass Britney collaborated with other singers on this piece only to announce that she "really needs a soldier that can take care of me." If that doesn't turn you off right away, wait until after a few rounds of the chorus. You'll be screaming for your OWN toy soldier to rescue you from such a terrible song.

9) Hot As Ice

One of the more lame tracks, this song features the "little-girl voice" of Britney's and does nothing to show off her, eh, talent. Though it has somewhat of a decent melody, it just has an odd feeling to it and isn't something I would recommend for a second (or third or fourth or fifth) listen on the radio. This song definitely did
not even hit hot with me -- but instead went straight to ice cold.

10) Ooh Ooh Baby

My favorite track on the album, "Ooh Ooh Baby" (aka "Fillin' Me Up" on the Internet) brings back old memories from Britney's previous successful albums. This song proves that with the right beat and, while pointless and gummy, typical lyrics, Britney can still pull off a winner. The song is dripping in sensual thoughts, portraying the Britney everyone is familiar with these past few years. I have to believe this song will be the next single off of the album. It's too catchy not to be. Just wait and see!

11) Perfect Lover

I'm a bit indifferent on this song. The only thing that makes this song unique is the chorus and even then it seems to sound like a few other songs on the album at times. Whether Britney's attempt was to just produce a creative sexual song or was actually referring to a past or current lover of hers, the song only makes it half way there (if that). I can't see this song ever hitting the airwaves, but it has a better chance of becoming part of her more scandalous and extremely racy music video repetoire.

12) Why Should I Be Sad

An odd song at best, it's completely obvious Britney is talking to Kevin Federline himself. Nothing is unique about this song. Her feelings of pain and regret are evident in this song, but probably should have been left alone. Hits on the Internet such as "Baby Boi" probably would have been a better choice with more emotion emitted.

Not bad, not horrible. What I would have liked to have seen was Britney get her life in order and then come back with a breakout album. People would be more open to seeing how much she's changed and purchase her album. As it stands now, her current album is the last attempt to bring her back to her glory days. October 30, 2007 will be the deciding day -- will her fans come through for her? Let's hope for the best!

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